Medium: Projection Mapping – software/projector, 3D animation software, Limestone rocks, LED lights, cartridge paper and a whole lot of hope.

Destination: Geoff Wilson Gallery, Whangarei, New Zealand – 2016

“You can’t depend on your judgement when your imagination is out of focus”

Mark Twain

Since I was a child, I’ve always wondered if there are other dimensions, parallel universes, or alternate portals in addition to the ones we know about. In terms of my current creative practise, it explores the likeliness of dimensions that exist outside of our own. In a nutshell, the subject of this body of work draws inspiration from my childhood imagination, which was originally fueled by science fiction and stories of mysteries and unexplained phenomena. From there, my understanding of theoretical physics and the scientific research into higher dimensions (such as string theory) only fueled my desire to compose something in this realm.

My current field of study is working with a variety of media including projection, augmented reality, 3D modelling, and film, along with photography and animation. My work can be called deceptive. I am not here to “deceive” anyone, but rather to use magic to recreate the sense of wonder that children have in their eyes.

As a result of my desire to see how far I could push the limits of the unexplained and unknown, I have developed a body of work that utilises projection mapping. By projecting onto surfaces that we are familiar with, but then slightly altering what we expect to see, these works invite speculation and provide the viewer with an opportunity to conjure images in their minds. My preference is to work with both visual and digital arts; I like the idea of doing so in order to highlight our visual environment. These works function as portals, gateways, and doors. They act as a component that connects what we already know with what is yet to be discovered.